Who’s The Daddy ?! – power to PCL’s new 1/2″ wrench

Published 22 July 2013 in
Who’s The Daddy ?! – power to PCL’s new 1/2″ wrench

PCL is proud to present “The Daddy” of all half inch wrenches from the ‘Prestige’ range of air tools, created with high performance and maximum comfort in mind.

The much-anticipated arrival is made to impress – PCL’s redesign of the popular APP203 provides a whopping 929Nm of torque, the highest power 1/2″ impact wrench in PCL’s extensive range.

The new MEGA power, twin hammer model is a premium tool which packs a powerful punch yet still features low noise and low vibration technology, along with lower than average air consumption, all in a stylish lightweight body.

The Extreme Torque APP203 is set to become THE tool for the serious professional who demands the power that only “The Daddy” can deliver.

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