Multi-task Gloves

A blend of synthetic leathers with PVC reinforced fingertips and inner palm gives a great all-round protective Multi-task Glove.

These Multi-task gloves are; Flexible, Comfortable, Stretchy and protective.

Features & Benefits

  • Flexible - close fitting design ensures maximum user dexerity
  • Comfortable - combination of materials offer excellent in-use comfort
  • Stretch - materials flex in conjunction with the hand's natural movement
  • Protection - reinforced area on palm and fingers ensure added protection in key areas
  • Fingerless - MTG3 has 3 open fingers; MTG5 is fully fingered

Product Information

Part NumberDescriptionStyle
MTG310Size 10 Multi-task Gloves3 Open Fingers
MTG311Size 11 Multi-task Gloves3 Open Fingers
MTG510Size 10 Multi-task Gloves5 Full Fingers
MTG511Size 11 Multi-task Gloves5 Full Fingers

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