3/8 inch Lumphammer Air Ratchet


The 3/8" Lumphammer impact ratchet is the most powerful impact ratchet in its class due to its maximum torque 258 Nm.

The 3/8" 'Lumphammer' impact ratchet from PCL brings together the two things automotive service operators crave the most - super power and super long reach. Consider this... a standard air ratchet has a max torque of around 60 Nm - the 'Lumphammer' has a devastatingly powerful 258 Nm of max torque, thus allowing the operator to save time and effort removing stubborn nuts in even the tightest of spaces.

This tool will remove nuts that standard air ratchets simply can't and still allow you access to areas you normally wouldn't be able to reach with an impact gun.

Ideal for small engine repair, transmission work and overall automotive service work.

Features & Benefits

  • Most powerful impact ratchet in its class, 258 Nm max torque
  • Lightweight @ 1.57 kg (standard air ratchets weigh around 1.2 kg)
  • Ergonomic and warm composite housing design for comfortable use in all conditions
  • Single handed forward and reverse switch with two speed setting in forward
  • Energy efficient motor for maximum performance and long life
  • Handle exhaust directs air away from workspace and operator


  • MaterialComposite
  • Size3/8 in
  • Maximum Torque190 ft-lb / 258 Nm
  • Vibration8.24 m/s²
  • Sound94.4 dBa
  • Free Speed4150 rpm
  • Standard Bolt Size5/8 in / 16 mm
  • Length13.2 in / 334 mm
  • Weight3.46 lb / 1.57 kg
  • Minimum Hose Size3/8 in / 10 mm
  • Air Inlet Thread Size1/4 in
  • Average Air Consumption3.3 cfm / 93 l/min

Product Information

Part NumberDescription
APP3403/8 inch Lumphammer Air Ratchet

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