InstantAir Steel Couplings

These InstantAir couplings are suitable for most fixed compressed air applications, although swivel adaptors are recommended for trailing hose applications.

The Broomwade InstantAir Steel Coupling business was acquired by PCL in 2001 and these couplings and adaptors are now manufactured to the same quality and standard in Sheffield by PCL.

Features & Benefits

  • Bayonet type couplings, preventing accidental disconnection
  • Range of swivel or non-swivel adaptors
  • Heavy duty large bore version available
  • High temperature version available on request


  • Nominal Bore5.6 mm
  • Maximum Flow Rate54 cfm(1)
  • Maximum Working Pressure250 psi / 17 bar
  • Maximum Vacuum660 mm / 26 in Hg
  • Maximum Axial Pull114 kg
  • InterchangeabilityBroomwade
  • (1) - @ 100 psi

Product Information

Part NumberDescriptionThread TypeThread SizeBroomwade Reference
AC51CMInstantAir CouplingMaleR 1/4PT8825
AC51EMInstantAir CouplingMaleR 3/8PT8827
AC51JMInstantAir CouplingMaleR 1/2PT9095
AC51CFInstantAir CouplingFemaleRp 1/4PT8823
AC51EFInstantAir CouplingFemaleRp 3/8PT8800
AC51JFInstantAir CouplingFemaleRp 1/2PT9096
AC51RInstantAir CouplingHose Tailpiecefor 6.35 mm (1/4 in) hosePT8800/SU4
AC51SInstantAir CouplingHose Tailpiecefor 7.9 mm (5/16 in) hosePT8800/SU5
AC51TInstantAir CouplingHose Tailpiecefor 9.5 mm (3/8 in) hosePT8800/SU6

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