“A” Style Couplings

These "A" Style Couplings are specially designed and developed by PCL.

PCLs "A" Style Couplings are suitable for most general compressed air applications where this adaptor profile is required.

Features & Benefits

  • Robust slim line construction
  • Single action connection
  • Steel construction with corrosive resistant finish
  • Built-in swivel prevents hose kinking


  • Nominal Bore5.5 mm
  • Flow rate(1)150 l/min(2)
  • Maximum Working Pressure200 psi / 14 bar
  • InterchangeabilityRectus 14
  • Rectus 22
  • ARO 210
  • Schrader Euro
  • Cejn 300
  • JWL 522/532
  • (1) - @ 6 bar
  • (1) - @ 0.5 bar p.d.

Product Information

Part NumberDescriptionThread TypeThread Size
AC61CM"A" Style CouplingMaleR 1/4
AC61EM"A" Style CouplingMaleR 3/8
AC61JM"A" Style CouplingMaleR 1/2
AC61CF"A" Style CouplingFemaleRp 1/4
AC61EF"A" Style CouplingFemaleRp 3/8
AC61JF"A" Style CouplingFemaleRp 1/2
AC61R"A" Style CouplingHose Tailpiecefor 7 mm hose
AC61S"A" Style CouplingHose Tailpiecefor 8 mm hose
AC61T"A" Style CouplingHose Tailpiecefor 10 mm hose

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