Multi-Fit Couplings

This innovative and versatile Multi-Fit Coupling design offers good airflow characteristics.

Multi-Fit couplings has the additional flexibility of accepting 3 key adaptor profiles; Euro, ISO B12 and XF.

Designed and manufactured in Sheffield by PCL.

Features & Benefits

  • Offers enhanced tool efficiency
  • Steel construction with corrosive resistant finish
  • Steel shoulder prevents accidental disconnection


  • Nominal Bore5.0 mm
  • Flow rate(1)1800 l/min(2)
  • Maximum Working Pressure500 psi / 35 bar
  • InterchangeabilityRectus 14/22/23/24/25/26
  • Legris 25/26
  • Cejn 300/310/320
  • Norgren 234/238
  • Schrader InterCheck 35/Euro
  • Norgren Dynaquip DC3
  • Hanson 3000
  • US-MIL-C 4109 1/4"
  • Norgren 237
  • ARO 210
  • JWL 522/532

Product Information

Part NumberDescriptionThread TypeThread Size
AC73CMMulti-Fit CouplingMaleR 1/4
AC73EMMulti-Fit CouplingMaleR 3/8
AC73JMMulti-Fit CouplingMaleR 1/2
AC73CFMulti-Fit CouplingFemaleRp 1/4
AC73EFMulti-Fit CouplingFemaleRp 3/8
AC73JFMulti-Fit CouplingFemaleRp 1/2
AC7306Multi-Fit CouplingHose Tailpiecefor 6 mm hose
AC7308Multi-Fit CouplingHose Tailpiecefor 8 mm hose
AC7310Multi-Fit CouplingHose Tailpiecefor 10 mm hose
AC7313Multi-Fit CouplingHose Tailpiecefor 13 mm hose

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