Forecourt AdBlue® Dispenser and Inflation Tower


Easy, simple and reliable way to drive Forecourt revenues.

The increasing penetration of diesel cars with Euro 6 engines is rapidly increasing the demand for AdBlue®. TECALEMIT the world leaders in fluid dispensing and PCL the experts in forecourt service equipment have combined to provide a new concept in AdBlue® forecourt dispensing and tyre inflation provision to help forecourts cost effectively make the most of this growing market opportunity.

The new TECALEMIT retail dispenser is designed to be freestanding and sited away from the main fuelling lanes eliminating costly and time consuming installation while avoiding any further slowing down of congested fuelling islands as with either packaged or island dispensers incorporating AdBlue®.

Designed to drive revenue, increase profitability and minimise disruption the consumer-friendly unit is built for full self-service operation. Positioned in the normal air/water service area it gives ease of access and maximum uptime. The use of the proprietary software “BlueTime” allows customers to conveniently purchase a fast and timed AdBlue® dispense and or tyre inflation cycle using a cashless payment module. The unit makes a winning formula for both customers and forecourt operators.

Features & Benefits

  • Designed for Car and Light Vehicles
  • Dispensing set through timed dispense using “BlueTime” proprietary software – time based not fluid MID requirements
  • Count down timer with 30mm LCD transflective backlit screen as standard
  • Variable time and dispense options – can preset time 45 – 120 seconds and flow rate 4 – 8l/min
  • Proven PCL electronic head to control transaction as used worldwide
  • Rugged Stainless steel/painted design
  • Connection options to drum or tank
  • Cashless payment
  • Robust, good looking unit to attract customers and drive repeat revenues
  • Maximise revenue from tyre inflation AND AdBlue® in one-unit minimising payback time
  • BlueTime software allows a controlled timed dispense (not litre dispense) ensuring cost effective to purchase and run
  • Dedicated unit in off-island location ensures minimal disruption during installation
  • Removes added queuing in fuel isles for AdBlue®
  • Enables bulk purchasing of AdBlue® to improve profitability
  • Reduced plastic waste from packaged AdBlue®
  • Reduced security risk and cash handling costs with cashless payment system
  • Bespoke graphical designs or branded options


  • Complies toEC Directive 86/217/EEC BS EN 12645:1999
  • Most EU National Directives (details on request)


  • Flow Ratemax. 8 l/min, min. 4.0 l/min
  • Dispenser Temperature Range-7°C to +40°C
  • Inflator Temperature Range-20°C to 70°C
  • Voltage Nominal230v AC and 12v DC
  • Max Suction Lift3 m
  • Delivery6.2 litre/min fill
  • Discharge Pressure3.6 bar
  • NozzleElaflex LV10 Auto Nozzle (ISO 22241-5)
  • Hose4.5m with Mast and Non-Mast options
  • Tyre Inflator Hose7.6 m / 25 ft
  • AccuracyTo ± 0.5 % of full scale reading
  • Display Resolution1 psi / 0.1 bar
  • Maximum Inlet Pressure232 psi / 16 bar
  • Maximum Inflation Pressure145 psi / 10 bar
  • Inflation flow400 l/min with 10 bar mains air supply
  • Weight115 kg

Product Information

Part NumberDescription
DA95Forecourt AdBlue® Dispenser and Inflation Tower

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