ACCURA Compact


ACCURA Compact, offers simple, safe and accurate means of tyre inflation within a space-saving and cost-effective, lightweight unit.

The robust engineering plastic design offers longer life and low maintenance, whilst the durable ceramic sensor enables extremely precise measurement, with tolerances well above the industry standard BS EN 12645:2014.

This makes it ideal for car dealerships, garages, car fleets and OEM applications, where ease of use, accuracy and reliability are key.

Features & Benefits

  • Consistent cost effective provision of high levels of safe air inflation services
  • Low life time costs - long product life with robust design and proven electronics
  • Simplicity
  • Guaranteed accuracy with individual testing
  • Electronic pressure preset
  • Auto start inflation
  • Clear display for easy customer usage
  • Default to safe-setting
  • Space-saving and lightweight design
  • Robust, high reliability engineering plastic housing
  • Ceramic sensor - accuracy to +/- 0.5% of full scale reading
  • Attractive and durable membrane
  • 230v, 100v/120v versions
  • Can inflate accurately with hoses up to 50m in length
  • For the Tyre User/Fleet Manager
  • Reduced tyre wear extending tyre life
  • Increased fuel economy
  • Increased safety and reduced tyre-related incidents


  • Complies toBS EN 12645:2014


  • Reading Accuracy0.1bar / 1psi / 5kPa / 0.1kg/cm²
  • Maximum Inlet Pressure16bar / 232psi / 1600kPa / 16.3 kg/cm²
  • Inflation Flow400 l/min (1)
  • (1) - @ 10 bar supply

Product Information

Part NumberDescriptionHose LengthTyre Valve ConnectionCalibration
D60SS20TCompact Model7.6 mTwin hold-on0-145 psi / 0-10 bar

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