Wall Meters

PCL's "Made in Sheffield" Wall Meters offer a simple and sturdy tyre inflation solution for busy garage forecourts and workshops.

The PCL range of tyre inflators reflects the continual innovation provided by the company's design team – and the enduring popularity of the mechanical Wall Meter stands testament to the company's ability to make products which last.

Manufactured in Sheffield to the highest quality standards, the Wall Meter features an easy-to-read dial with clear, impact-resistant toughened glass cover, and provides a choice of calibration, and easily detachable hose.

A push-button version is available.

Features & Benefits

  • Choice of calibration
  • Easy-read dial
  • Clear impact-resistant toughened glass dial cover
  • Powder coated outer casing giving a hard durable finish
  • Easily detachable hose


  • Complies toEC Directive 86/217
  • BS EN 12645:2014


  • AccuracyExceeds EC Directive 86/217
  • Reading Accuracy0.1bar / 2psi / 20kPa / 0.1kgf/cm²
  • Maximum Inlet Pressure16bar / 232psi / 1600kPa / 16.3 kgf/cm²

Product Information

Part NumberDescriptionHose LengthTyre Valve ConnectionCalibration
WM1H02Wall Meter - Co-axial7.6 mSingle clip-on0-140 psi / 0-10 bar
WM1H01Wall Meter - Co-axial7.6 mTwin hold-on0-140 psi / 0-10 bar
WM1F02Wall Meter - Co-axial7.6 mSingle clip-on0-150 psi / 0-10.5 kgf/cm²
WM1F01Wall Meter - Co-axial7.6 mTwin hold-on0-150 psi / 0-10.5 kgf/cm²
WM1J02Wall Meter - Co-axial7.6 mSingle clip-on0-140 psi / 0-1000 kPa
WM1J01Wall Meter - Co-axial7.6 mSingle clip-on0-140 psi / 0-1000 kPa
WM2H02Wall Meter - Twin Twisted7.6 mSingle clip-on0-140 psi / 0-10 bar
WM2H01Wall Meter - Twin Twisted7.6 mTwin hold-on0-140 psi / 0-10 bar
WM2J02Wall Meter - Twin Twisted7.6 mSingle clip-on0-140 psi / 0-1000 kPa
WM2J01Wall Meter - Twin Twisted7.6 mTwin hold-on0-140 psi / 0-1000 kPa
WM2D01Wall Meter - Twin Twisted7.6 mTwin hold-on0-1000 kPa
WM2F01Wall Meter - Twin Twisted7.6 mTwin hold-on0-150 psi / 0-10.5 kgf/cm²
WM3H02Wall Meter - Push Button7.6 mSingle clip-on0-140 psi / 0-10 bar

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