Hose Tail Adaptor

Hose Tail Adaptor connects hose to a female fitting.

Corrosive-resistant plated Hose Tail Adaptor.

Features & Benefits

  • Hardened Steel with corrosive-resistant plating for long life and durability.

Product Information

Part NumberDescriptionMale ThreadHose Internal Diameter
HC1205Hose Tail AdaptorR 1/44.75 mm / 3/16 in
HC5656Hose Tail AdaptorR 1/46.35 mm / 1/4 in
HC1206Hose Tail AdaptorR 1/47.9 mm / 5/16 in
HC1217Hose Tail AdaptorR 1/49.5 mm / 3/8 in
HC2479Hose Tail AdaptorR 1/412.7 mm / 1/2 in
HC6904Hose Tail AdaptorR 3/86.35 mm / 1/4 in
HC6905Hose Tail AdaptorR 3/87.9 mm / 5/16 in
HC2951Hose Tail AdaptorR 3/89.5 mm / 3/8 in
HC2808Hose Tail AdaptorR 3/812.7 mm / 1/2 in
HC6908Hose Tail AdaptorR 1/29.5 mm / 3/8 in
HC2954Hose Tail AdaptorR 1/212.7 mm / 1/2 in
HC9336Hose Tail Adaptor1/4 NPT6.35 mm / 1/4 in

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