Jubilee Clipdriver ®

Rapid easy adjustment of Jubilee ® Hose Clips is made possible with the Jubilee Clipdriver ® range

The Jubilee Clipdriver ® is available with 95 mm and 160 mm rigid shafts and are high quality precision products incorporating a 7 mm A/F socket head specifically designed for Jubilee ® Hose Clips.

Features & Benefits

  • Specifically designed for Jubilee ® Hose Clips


  • Weight0.08 1 kg
  • Weight0.13 2 kg
  • Dimensions95 x 80 x 12 1 mm
  • Dimensions160 x 80 x 12 2 °C
  • (1) - CDR95 95mm Clipdriver
  • (2) - CDR160 160mm Clipdriver

Product Information

Part NumberDescription
CDR9595 mm Jubilee Clipdriver ®
CDR160160 mm Jubilee Clipdriver ®

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