Jubilee® Hose Clips (9.5-70 mm)

Jubilee® Hose Clips are the original worm drive hose clip and for more than seventy years.

From the original patents to the current BS requirements, Jubilee has led the world with consistent high quality. This comprehensive range of products enable users everywhere to be confident the Jubilee has a clip to suit their application.

Jubilee® Hose Clips are Kite marked to BS 5315:1991 and the company is registered to ISO 9001:2000. Jubilee were instrumental in the formulation of the original British Standards and the consistent high level of reliability sets them apart.

Features & Benefits

  • A range of sizes available


  • Kite Markedto BS 5315:1991 and DIN 3017
  • Corrosion Resistance240 hours NSS test

Product Information

Part NumberDescriptionJubilee SizeBS NumberAdjustment
JC9512Jubilee Clip x 10000129.5-12 mm
JC1116Jubilee Clip x 10M001611-16 mm
JC1320Jubilee Clip x 10002013-20 mm
JC1622Jubilee Clip x 10jubilee_size2216-22 mm
JC1825Jubilee Clip x 100X2518-25 mm
JC2230Jubilee Clip x 101A3022-30 mm
JC2535Jubilee Clip x 1013525-35 mm
JC3040Jubilee Clip x 101X4030-40 mm
JC3245Jubilee Clip x 101M4532-45 mm
JC3550Jubilee Clip x 102A5035-50 mm
JC4055Jubilee Clip x 1025540-55 mm
JC4560Jubilee Clip x 102X6045-60 mm
JC5570Jubilee Clip x 1037055-70 mm

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