Mobile Nitrogen Generation and Inflation Cart

The N72 is a BRAND NEW mobile Nitrogen generation and inflation cart 100% “Made in Sheffield”, UK.

This compact and innovative unit combines PCL’s world renowned digital inflation technology with modern membrane nitrogen generation technology to deliver high purity Nitrogen to the tyre quickly and quietly. The N72 supersedes the NEXUS range with modern features and real end user benefits whilst maintaining the ability to convert up to 4 air filled tyres to 95%+ Nitrogen simultaneously from the touch of a button with PCL’s best-in-class 'purge and fill' software.

This new concept has complete flexibility and mobility in mind, all tyre applications are now covered and coming in at around half the size of a standard PSA Nitrogen system and around one third of the weight. Powered by a rechargeable battery, the unit can easily be moved around the workshop and in-between vehicles.

Features & Benefits

  • 5-year warranty on Nitrogen generation membrane (subject to annual air pre-filter cartridge replacement) - peace of mind for your revenue generating investment
  • Modern membrane nitrogen generation technology – compact, fast and very quiet
  • PCL digital inflation software built-in - world renound “Made in Sheffield” calibrated accuracy with Nitrogen ‘purge-and-fill’ function
  • Smaller and lighter footprint – 1/2 size and 1/3 the weight of a standard PSA system
  • Re-chargeable battery powered - no trailing power cables, can be used anywhere in the workshop with an air source
  • All workshop tyre applications covered – Car, Van, Truck
  • Super efficient 12v 7am/h battery and charge indicator – Average 20h continuous inflation on a full battery and only 2h from flat to full on a mains charge
  • Nitrogen purity test port – provable high purity Nitrogen delivery
  • Simple design with no moving parts - easier to maintain/service & repair


  • AccuracyTo +/- 0.5% of full scale reading (Exceeds EC Directive 86/217)
  • Max Inflation Set Pressure145 psi / 10 bar / 999 kPa
  • 12v battery powered7am/h
  • Operating Temperature0°c to 40°c
  • Storage Temperature-40°c to 70°c
  • Dimensions (H x W x D)1029 x 535 x 647 mm
  • Weight40 - 50 kg

Product Information

Part NumberDescription
N72SAGC1CAR Generator (1 tyre output)
N72SAIC24CAR Generator/Inflator (4 tyre hoses)
N72SAGC2VAN Generator (1 tyre output)
N72SAIC34VAN Generator/Inflator (4 tyre hoses)
N72SAGC3TRUCK Generator (1 tyre output)

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