AIRFORCE® MK4 High Pressure Tyre Inflator

PCL has built on its world-leading tyre inflation knowledge to create the new AIRFORCE® MK4 High Pressure Tyre Inflator

On the face of it, the AIRFORCE® MK4 High Pressure Tyre Inflator looks exactly the same as the AIRFORCE® MK4 Tyre Inflator.

The big difference is that the AIRFORCE® MK4 High Pressure Tyre Inflator is capable of inflating up to 300 psi (21 bar) making it ideally suited for any transport, mining or industrial application requiring high tyre inflation pressures.

The AIRFORCE® MK4 High Pressure Tyre Inflator is a gauge which not only answers the market need for a higher pressure inflator but also provides one which can withstand harsh environments.

The new AIRFORCE® MK4 High Pressure Tyre Inflator is set to become the heavy duty solution for providing safe, cost-effective and trouble-free high pressure tyre inflation with guaranteed accuracy. This in turn will give high pressure tyre users the benefits of extended tyre life, increased fuel economy and improved safety.

The reliable and versatile AIRFORCE® MK4 High Pressure Tyre Inflator, with its aluminium die cast body and linear gauge represents the best product on the market for both indoor and outdoor applications, even in extreme weather.

Features & Benefits

  • New Viewing Window - Larger window gives 20% greater field of viewing
  • Lighter Weight - Gauge body weighs 923g, less work strain and easier for repetitive use
  • Biomorphic Shape - Ergonomic, easier to use and less prone to damage when dropped
  • New Valve Mechanism - Simplified 2 stage mechanism design prevents user having to "push" against full line pressure on deflate preventing fatigue
  • New Piston & Seal Design - New design, less drag, reduced friction & less movement inertia means no internal corrosion, no sticking and no skewing of accuracy
  • Accuracy Standards - Tested to over 400,000 cycles at 100% accuracy


  • Reading Accuracy0.25 bar / 5 psi
  • Maximum Inlet Pressure27 bar / 392 psi
  • Inflation Flow500 l/min / 13 cfm
  • Operating Temperature-25 to 55 °C

Product Information

Part NumberDescriptionHose LengthTyre Valve ConnectionCalibration
AFG6H04AIRFORCE® MK4 High Pressure Tyre Inflator1.8 m / 6 ftSingle clip-on45-300 psi / 3-21 bar
AFG6H041AIRFORCE® MK4 High Pressure Tyre Inflator1.8 m / 6 ftTwin clip-on45-300 psi / 3-21 bar

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