MK3 / MK4 Replacement Hose Assemblies

Convenient replacement MK3 / MK4 hose assemblies to replace worn and damaged hoses.

Features & Benefits

  • A variety of different sizes and connectors available.
  • A quick, easy and simple solution to hose replacement.

Product Information

Part NumberDescriptionHose LengthTyre Valve Connection
RHA2031Hose with end fittings only0.53 m / 21 inn/a
RHA2121Hose with a Single clip-on Connector0.53 m / 21 inSingle clip-on
RHA2122Hose with a Twin hold-on Connector0.53 m / 21 inTwin hold-on
RHA2129Hose with a Euro style Connector0.53 m / 21 inEuro style
RHA2032Hose with end fittings only1.8 m / 6 ftn/a
RHA2034Hose with a Single clip-on connector1.8 m / 6 ftSingle clip-on
RHA2126Hose with a Euro style Connector1.8 m / 6 ftEuro style
RHA2033Hose with end fittings only2.7 m / 9 ftn/a
RHA2137Hose with a Single clip-on Connector2.7 m / 9 ftSingle clip-on
RHA2149Hose with a Euro style Connector2.7 m / 9 ftEuro style
RHA2048Hose with end fittings only3.7 m / 12 ftn/a
RHA2040WWire braided hose with end fittings only0.36 m / 14 inn/a

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