Single Clip-on Connectors

The Single Clip-on Connectors are suitable for use in tyreshops.

There are two types of connector. It is therefore important when purchasing connectors to specify whether a closed or open end type is required.

A Closed End connector is used when air is supplied directly from a main air line (i.e. compressor or air receiver). A non-return valve unseats on connection to the tyre's valve allowing air to flow into the tyre.

An Open End connector is used with the MK3 Tyre Inflator, PCL wall gauges and PCL portable gauges. This connector has a pin which unseats the tyre's valve when is use.

The Single Clip-on Connector is available in both the Closed and Open end valve styles.

Features & Benefits

  • Suitable for use in tyreshops
  • Open and closed end available

Product Information

Part NumberDescriptionTyre Valve ConnectionValve StyleInlet Size
CO2E03Single Clip-on ConnectorSingle clip-onOpen end4.75 mm / 3/16 in
CO2H03Single Clip-on ConnectorSingle clip-onOpen end6.35 mm / 1/4 in
CO2F03Single Clip-on ConnectorSingle clip-onClosed end4.75 mm / 3/16 in
CO2J03Single Clip-on ConnectorSingle clip-onClosed end6.35 mm / 1/4 in
CO2E05Single Clip-on Connector - Display PackedSingle clip-onOpen end4.75 mm / 3/16 in
CO2H05Single Clip-on Connector - Display PackedSingle clip-onOpen end6.35 mm / 1/4 in
CO2F05Single Clip-on Connector - Display PackedSingle clip-onClosed end4.75 mm / 3/16 in
CO2J05Single Clip-on Connector - Display PackedSingle clip-onClosed end6.35 mm / 1/4 in

Latest News

PCL launches tyre valve connector with vice-like grip

We have launched the AIR CONNECTOR, a facelift version of the PCL CO2 connector suitable for use on commercial vehicles, cars and motorbikes, making tyre inflation easier on modern vehicles which feature larger alloy/steel wheels and more intricate designs that make the valves difficult to access.

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