Twin Clip-on Connectors

This Twin Clip-on Connector is suitable for inflation of twin tyres, clips itself to tyre valve for added safety.

There are two types of connector. It is therefore important when purchasing connectors to specify whether a closed or open end type is required.

A Closed End connector is used when air is supplied directly from a main air line (i.e. compressor or air receiver). A non-return valve unseats on connection to the tyre's valve allowing air to flow into the tyre. The handles on these connectors are red in colour.

An Open End connector is used with the MK3 Tyre Inflator, PCL wall gauges and PCL portable gauges. This connector has a pin which unseats the tyre's valve when is use. The handles on these connectors are black in colour.

The Twin Clip-on Connector is available in both Open and Closed Valve styles.

Features & Benefits

  • Suitable for inflation of twin tyres
  • Colour coded handles - black for open end and red for closed end

Product Information

Part NumberDescriptionTyre Valve ConnectionValve StyleInlet Size
CO3A03Twin Clip-on ConnectorTwin clip-onOpen endRp 1/4
CO3B03Twin Clip-on ConnectorTwin clip-onClosed endRp 1/4
CO3A05Twin Clip-on Connector - Display PackedTwin clip-onOpen endRp 1/4
CO3B05Twin Clip-on Connector - Display PackedTwin clip-onClosed endRp 1/4

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