ACCURA D12 Tyre Inflators

The ACCURA D12 Tyre Inflator forms PCL's premium tyreshop range, along with the D13.

The fitting of tyres is a skilled operation requiring specialist equipment. PCL's range of preset digital inflators offers guaranteed accuracy and meets the demands of busy tyreshops.

The ACCURA D12 Tyre Inflator combines advanced and user friendly design with touch screen technology, leading sensor technology, upgraded modern electronics and proprietary software the range enables operators to provide leading tyre inflation services cost effectively. The range is suitable for all professional tyre applications including commercial and retail tyreshops, mobile tyre fleets, automotive OEM's, garages, car dealers as well as transport depots.

The new ACCURA tyreshop range now has a high flow solenoid providing our highest ever air flow characteristics meaning tyres are inflated even quicker. The upgraded microprocessor ensures the proven electronics are more reliable, whilst the touch screen technology ensures even longer unit life. The next generation PCB provides even more input/output options for complete customisation to your application including Bluetooth and GPRS possibilities.

The range is enhanced by the "Over Pressure Setting" function (OPS) which has been developed to allow tyre operators to automatically seat the bead on new tyres allowing the operator to securely get on with alternative work whilst the tyre is inflating saving time and money.

The inclusion of the Nitrogen purge (N2) facility allows the unit to increase the effectiveness of this increasingly popular tyre service.

Features & Benefits

  • Consistent cost effective provision of high levels of safe air inflation services
  • Reduced tyre inflation costs - more efficient use of tyre engineers and equipment
  • Low life time costs - long product life with robust design and proven electronics
  • Low and simple maintenance with excellent diagnostics
  • Customisation to meet individual needs and applications
  • Guaranteed accuracy with individual testing
  • New - High flow solenoid as standard
  • New - Touch screen technology
  • New - High speed microprocessor
  • Electronic pressure preset
  • Auto start inflation
  • Clear LCD display for easy readings
  • Robust, high reliability and modern design with die-cast aluminium housing
  • Ceramic sensor - accuracy to +/-0.5% of full scale reading
  • Over Pressure Setting (OPS)- automated seating of bead
  • Nitrogen - N2 fill and air to N2 conversion
  • 230v, 100/120v and 12v versions
  • Attractive and durable membrane with customisable graphics
  • Can inflate accurately with hoses up to 50m
  • Comprehensive diagnostics and error reporting
  • Additional inputs/outputs for complete customisation
  • For the Tyre User/Fleet Manager
  • Reduced tyre wear extending tyre life
  • Increased fuel economy
  • Increased safety and reduced tyre-related incidents


  • Complies toEC Directive 86/217
  • BS EN 12645:2014
  • GermanPTB 18.08/04.01 (Single and Dual Screen)
  • FrenchF-06-H-157 (Dual Screen)
  • Portuguese245. (Single Screen)


  • AccuracyExceeds EC Directive 86/217(1)
  • Reading Accuracy0.1 bar / 1 psi / 5 kPa
  • Maximum Inlet Pressure15 bar / 1 psi / 1500 kPa
  • Inflation Flow2,500 l/min (2)
  • (1) - (to +/- 0.5% of full scale reading)
  • (2) - @ 10 bar supply

Product Information

Part NumberDescriptionHose LengthTyre Valve ConnectionCalibration
D12SS50CTyreshop Model7.6 mSingle clip-on0-145 psi default / 0-10 bar
D12ST50CTyreshop Model7.6 mSingle clip-on0-10 bar default / 0-145 psi
D12ST70CHigh Pressure Tyreshop7.6 mSingle clip-on0-16 bar default / 0-232 psi

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