ACCURA® MK4 Digital Tyre Inflator

ACCURA® MK4 Digital Tyre Inflator which marries the ruggedness of a metal analogue inflator with the lightness, accuracy and ease of use of a digital gauge.

The PCL AIRFORCE® MK4 tyre inflator range has become industry standard in garages, petrol forecourts & tyre depots for over 25 years. The digital age is now upon us and PCL are firmly committed to offering the same features and benefits that have stood the test of time with the advancements in digital technology.

Introducing the new ACCURA® MK4 Digital Tyre Inflator which marries the ruggedness of a metal analogue inflator with the lightness, accuracy and ease of use of a digital gauge. As robust as ever and highly accurate, offering leading inflation and deflation rates with high performance for both indoor and outdoor applications. The large size LCD, backlit screen and selectable units of pressure reading make this the most versatile digital handheld product PCL has ever manufactured. With a new, short slimline body design, the gauge is the lightest metal bodied gauge on the market, with a biomorphic shape to give increased comfort in use.

The ACCURA® MK4 Digital Tyre Inflator is available with a wide choice of tyre valve connectors and hose lengths to suit all tyre inflation applications and is set to become the hottest new product to own.

Features & Benefits

  • Extremely robust aluminium body with protective rubber bumper - Long accurate life expectancy
  • Small ‘stubby’ body is the lightest metal bodied digital inflator on the market - Easy to use with reduced fatigue
  • Slimline biomorphic body shape gives increased comfort for the user - Fast to use and handle
  • Higher pressure range for multiple applications 4 – 250 psi range (including trucks) - Versatile and flexible saving time and money
  • Permanently backlit in use, auto off after 25 seconds no-use - Easy to read in dark workshops or at night - Increased flexibility saving cost and time
  • Large screen and clear digits - Easy and quick to read - Increasing accuracy and speed of use
  • IP54 - can be used indoors and outdoors, saving time and increasing service
  • Individually tested and certified against national approved gauges
  • Replaceable 2 X AAA batteries power unit (supplied)
  • 3 units of calibration toggle as standard - psi, bar & kPa
  • 2 second button hold for calibration toggle
  • Registered Design


  • Complies toBS EN12645:2014


  • Accuracy ExceedsCompliant with BS EN12645:2014
  • Reading Accuracy0.1 psi / 0.01 bar / 1 kPa
  • Max Inflation Pressure250 psi / 17.2 bar / 1723 kPa
  • Max Inlet Pressure260 psi / 18.0 bar / 1795 kPa
  • Inflation Flow (@ 190 psi / 13 bar)500 l/min / 18 CFM
  • Calibration4-250 psi / 0.3-17.2 bar / 30-1723 kPa
  • Battery Type2 x AAA (supplied)

Product Information

Part NumberDescriptionHose LengthTyre Valve ConnectionCalibration
DAC403ACCURA® MK4 Digital Tyre Inflator0.53 m / 21 inTwin hold-on4-250 psi / 0.3-17.2 bar / 30-1723 kPa
DAC404ACCURA® MK4 Digital Tyre Inflator0.53 m / 21 inSingle clip-on4-250 psi / 0.3-17.2 bar / 30-1723 kPa
DAC405ACCURA® MK4 Digital Tyre Inflator1.8 m / 6 ftTwin clip-on4-250 psi / 0.3-17.2 bar / 30-1723 kPa
DAC406ACCURA® MK4 Digital Tyre Inflator2.7 m / 9 ftTwin clip-on4-250 psi / 0.3-17.2 bar / 30-1723 kPa
DAC4061ACCURA® MK4 Digital Tyre Inflator2.7 m / 9 ftSingle clip-on4-250 psi / 0.3-17.2 bar / 30-1723 kPa
DAC436ACCURA® MK4 Digital Tyre Inflator3.6 m / 12 ftTwin clip-on4-250 psi / 0.3-17.2 bar / 30-1723 kPa

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