AIRFORCE® MK4 Tyre Inflator


Introducing the new and improved industry leading tyre inflator from PCL - the AIRFORCE® MK4 Tyre Inflator.

The new AIRFORCE® MK4 Tyre Inflator is as robust as ever and highly accurate, offering leading inflation and deflation rates and high performance for both indoor and outdoor applications. Meanwhile the redesigned piston and seal arrangement means increased accuracy - cycle tests now give over 400,000 inflation cycles at 100% accuracy - over 50% more than previously!

By increasing the size of the viewing window to give a 20% larger field of view, and altering the graphic print to give a clearer scale reading the new gauge is even more user friendly.

With a new, modern slim line body design the gauge is now lighter yet more ergonomic to give increased comfort in use.

The “Made in Sheffield” AIRFORCE® MK4 Tyre Inflator is still available with the same wide choice of tyre valve connectors and hose lengths to suit all tyre inflation applications.

Features & Benefits

  • New Viewing Window - Larger window gives 20% greater field of viewing
  • Lighter Weight - Gauge body weighs only 1kg / 2lbs, less work strain and easier for repetitive use
  • Biomorphic Shape - Ergonomic, easier to use and less prone to damage when dropped
  • New Valve Mechanism - Simplified 2 stage mechanism design prevents user having to “push” against full line pressure on deflate preventing fatigue
  • New Piston & Seal Design - New design, less drag, reduced friction & less movement inertia means no internal corrosion, no sticking and no skewing of accuracy - Longer life and accuracy
  • New clear lithographic design - greater magnification providing faster and more accurate reading of results
  • Computer software procedure to measure accuracy and determine pass or fail - Highest reliability tested on all hose lengths vs other gauges
  • Accuracy Standards - Tested to over 400,000 cycles at 100% accuracy, and compliant with EN12645:2014 - increased life
  • Registered Design
  • For the Tyre User/Fleet Manager
  • Reduced tyre wear extending tyre life
  • Increased fuel economy
  • Increased safety and reduced tyre-related incidents


  • Complies toBS EN12645:2014


  • AccuracyCompliant with BS EN12645:2014
  • Reading Accuracy2 psi / 0.1 bar / 10 kPa
  • DimensionsH265 mm x W50 mm / H10.4" x W1.9"
  • Weight0.92 kg / 2.035 lbs
  • Operating Temperature-25 to 55°C
  • Storage Temperature-30 to 80°C
  • Pressure140 psi / 9.65 bar / 965 kPa
  • Maximum Inlet Pressure17.9 bar / 260 psi / 1790 kPa
  • Inflation flow @ 190 psi / 13 bar500 l/min / 18 cfm

Product Information

Part NumberDescriptionHose LengthTyre Valve ConnectionCalibration
AFG4J0321" General Model0.53 m / 21 inTwin hold-on0-140 psi / 0-970 kPa

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